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Judo helps the physical, emotional and social development of your child. Duels play down situations, removing the blockage or apprehension often felt by children.
Essentially, Judo builds values ​​for the future citizen:


Friendship: the purest of human feelings

Courage: doing what's right

Sincerity: to be true to your word

Modesty: to talk about yourself without pride

Respect: without respect there is no trust

Self-Control: to learn to be silent when anger rises

Politeness: the respect for others

Adult JUDO-Ju Jitsu

Judo is an Olympic sport and martial art that originated in Japan over 100 years ago. Today, judo is the most widely practiced martial art worldwide. The word judo itself means, "the gentle way."

It is a grappling Martial Art that does NOT involve kicks and punches, but rather incorporates throws, pins, and submission holds. Not only is judo one of the best forms of exercise available, it is also a very practical form of self-defense.

Among confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to focus, regular judo practice also develops a high degree of body awareness and coordination that makes healthier, happier people.


Having a set of skills to protect yourself or your loved ones from harms way is extremely valuable in today’s society. Although no one wants to be caught in a potentially violent situation, unexpected things can happen.

Whether it is a mugging, house break in, or an out of control crowd member set on causing trouble – having an easily accessible set of effective skills that can disable an attacker, even if they are stronger than you, is an essential asset to have.

Through our self defence classes in San Diego, you will gain invaluable information on how to quickly assess and gain control of a situation so that you and your loved ones can walk away unharmed.

It is time to invest in essential skills that you can have with you and execute at any time against an attacker, which will give you confidence, and potentially save a life.


AKA JUDO  is founded on the principle of helping you achieve and excel at your goals. Personal training in Martial Arts and Fitness is a key method to make this happen as quickly as possible.

As experienced professional athletes, the coaches at AKA JUDO Academy can put together a customised plan just for you that will get you to where you want to be.

Whether it be weight loss, increased fitness, strength training or working on specialized techniques, our experience will put you on the right path to success.

Please contact us to arrange a one-on-one session, where we will understand your goals and create a plan to achieve them through a judo program in San Diego.


"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment"
Jigoro KANO

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