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What is Judo

  • Judo’s founder: Jigoro Kano believed that the ultimate goal of Judo is to develop oneself to the best extent possible so that you can add something of value to the world.

  • Judo is the modern Japanese martial art. His ancestor is the Ju Jitsu. 

  • Judo is taught both as a sport and a martial art

  • Judo is an Olympic Sport and a Martial Art practiced by all ages

  • Judo’s core tenets are: maximum efficiency and mutual welfare and benefit

  • Judo involves grappling, throws, holds and pins

  • Judo does not involve striking of any kind

  • Judo is taught safely to millions of children around the world

We think Judo is one of the best martial arts for kids!


Ages 5-6 years

The focus for younger members is to instill variety and participation.  Complex techniques are less of a focus, instead we promote group activities, gymnastics exercises, basic dojo etiquette, and trying your best. Positivity and friendship are fostered.  Smiles abound!

Ages 7-11 years

As your child progresses with basic movement patterns we introduce the foundation techniques of judo. 

We do this at your child’s natural pace, making sure to foster confidence. 

Our junior belt grading system begins.

Students can achieve grades that lead to tournament participation under the USA Judo (Judo Federation of USA). 

There’s lots of fun in trying new things!

Ages 12-17 years

Progress leads to regular training, which will include randori (free practice or sparring). 

We make sure safety is paramount, and that all participants are well prepared. 

Students can achieve grades that lead to tournament participation in cadet and junior levels under the USA JUDO (Judo Federation of USA). 

Belt gradings earn points towards senior grades, ultimately toward black belt promotion.


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