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AKA JUDO Mission:

We are all at different levels, yet our club goals and values are shared. We challenge ourselves. We push ourselves a little harder each time, so that we can extend our skills. We make sure to help each other, assuring that everyone on the team can improve. We like to have fun, make friends and get fit.

We provide a positive and open atmosphere while retaining the traditional discipline of the martial arts. Judo is excellent for physical fitness, discipline and teaching mature behavior to children.

Students at the AKA JUDO learn to be champions both on and off the mat.  

The coach at AKA JUDO ACADEMY helps students build self-confidence and character. 

Through Judo, students learn respect and self-discipline.  

The AKA JUDO  provides the tools and training needed for each student to reach his or her individual goals; from becoming an Olympic Champion, to getting in shape, or just to have fun!

Our Coach

Hervé AKA, has a double high-level judo coach certification - USA and French.

For over 10 years he served on the France judo team and fought in the biggest national and international tournaments. During this period, he trained with the best judokas in the world, in one of the best training centers in the world: INSEP, Paris (France).

Additionally, he was able to train athletes who have won national and international awards.

Because of his knowledge and experience in training and expertise, he will bring you to the highest level!

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