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Anti-Bullying – Bully-proofing your child

Among the many concerns parents have for their children, bullying is consistently one of the highest.

As educators with years of experience we understand this serious issue.  Bullying comes in many forms but its effects are universal.

It can stunt emotional growth, force a retreat from social norms, deny positive engagement and set back a child’s natural curiosity for many years. It takes huge amounts of love, dedication and understanding to overcome the debilitating effects of bullying.

The best way to prevent this is to stop it from taking hold. We believe prevention is the best cure.


Bully-proofing your child involves a complete strategy of awareness, confidence and respect.  What is taught within the martial arts is practiced in everyday life.  It requires commitment and discipline, all of which are included in our martial arts programs for kids.

Friendship: the purest of human feelings


Courage: doing what's right


Sincerity: to be true to your word


Modesty: to talk about yourself without pride


Respect: without respect there is no trust


Self-Control: to learn to be silent when anger rises


Politeness: the respect for others


Our Strategy: Strength through Judo

Our students are taught to recognize bullying and deny it from taking hold – for themselves and those around them.

Our strategy is built upon:

Confidence – built through consistency of effort and purpose

Respect – both offered and achieved.  It is nurtured through a positive environment, and reinforced by positive behaviour.

Awareness – instilled by recognizing both fear and aggression, establishing personal space, identifying right and wrong patterns of behaviour.

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